David Johnson

Top 12 short courses in America

Ranked #10 in Eastern North Carolina

#2 Hidden Gem in Coastal North Carolina

Farmstead Golf Links
with Willard Byrd 2012

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Farmstead Golf Links
with Willard Byrd 2012

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Fords Colony Country Club

Golf has been a part of my life since the age of six when my grandfather handed me my first golf club. The club was nearly as tall as I was and it stuck up between my ribs and left arm when I swung. It was a little awkward but, after a few swipes, I was hooked. I believe that since that day hitting golf balls in a field in Virginia, I have felt the desire to have a continued link to the game of golf.

During high school, where I split time between chasing the little white ball around golf courses, spending endless hours sketching and creating golf holes on paper, and actually building short holes in my parents’ back yard, I realized that my goal was to design golf courses. This focus at an early age directed me in a path to gain knowledge and experience in all facets involving golf course design.

During summers I worked on a golf course maintenance staff. After earning a B.S. in Architecture at the University of Virginia I embarked on finding a way into the golf course design business. After another year working golf course maintenance I had the fortune of being hired as a draftsman for noted golf course designer, Robert E. Cupp.

For eight years I worked with the Cupp organization gaining valuable experience in the production of golf course plans, formulating design theories and visiting sites to inspect the construction process. Still lacking the desired understanding of golf course construction, I spent two and a half years working with Medalist Golf, Inc. overseeing the construction of golf courses. In 2000, I decided it was time to return to golf course design and David Johnson Golf Design, LLC was formed. This diverse background and my lifelong focus to design golf courses help me to provide unique insight and creativity in my designs.

David Johnson Golf Design, LLC is an affordable golf course design company offering comprehensive golf course design, renovation, site planning, construction consultation and cost estimating services. Whether working on a new course or a small renovation job, our attention to detail is unmatched. With extensive experience in golf course design, golf course construction and golf course maintenance, David Johnson Golf Design produces golf course designs of outstanding quality and sees that they are built properly, on time and on budget.