Cartersville Country Club

David Johnson Golf Design LLC

Cartersville Country Club

Cartersville, Georgia

At Cartersville Country Club, the original request in 2001-2002 was simple: Convert the original push-up greens, most of which sloped from back to front (some severely), into USGA greens while keeping the area of disturbance to a minimum. While limiting the area of disturbance was a challenge, we were able to create greens with far more character, variety and pin placements than their predecessors. In recent years I have helped the Club with various course improvements including renovating several tee complexes.

Cartersville Country Club Cartersville, Georgia

Hole 1

The first tee complex was renovated to create a runway-style tee, which gives the ultimate in flexibility in tee marker placement.

Hole 4

Accuracy off the tee, to avoid the staggered fairway bunkers, is the key to scoring on this beautiful, downhill par four.

Hole 10

The tenth tee complex was also rebuilt to create a runway-style tee with squared edges.

Hole 17

The dogleg right, par four 17th is strategically sound. Golfers who play close to the fairway bunker at the turn are provided with the best angle into an elevated green.

Hole 18

The reachable, par five 18th hole provides a fantastic conclusion at Cartersville Country Club. The green is well contoured and protected by three bunkers.