What Drives Your Decision Where to Play Golf?

As golf rounds have generally remained flat or declined slightly over the past decade I was curious what factors drive your decision where to play golf. To me, the decision usually falls into one of the following categories:

-I want to play the lowest cost course, no matter the design or condition.
-I want to play a course that is very close to home as gas prices factor in my decision.
-I want to play a course that is nearby as lack of time is a major issue.
-I will drive further to play a course with a better design even though it may cost more.
-I only want to play courses that have a great pedigree or reputation.

During the recession, it seemed as though a large number of golfers based their decision solely on the first category, cost. The cheapest course gets the business. Do you still have this mindset?

As gas prices have swayed up and down through the years I also perceived that players often based their playing decision on how much it costs to get to and from the course. When gas is $2.50/gallon, you may not think twice about driving 50 miles to play a nice course, but when gas is $4.00 gallon, does it tips the scale away from driving that far to play?

For many, time is the primary factor. You want to spend as little time as possible on the road and hopefully play a course with good pace of play.

I, being a golf course designer, fall into the 4th category. My golf experience is enhanced significantly if I play a course that is designed well. I will definitely drive further and pay a little more for architectural quality.

Finally, some players only want to play what are perceived as the top courses in the area. These may be courses with recognized designers or that have garnered acclaim in the golf press.

What kind of golfer are you and what is the main factor that drives your decision where to play golf. I look forward to hearing from you. Go get out and play!

David Johnson